The WeShyft Team

Dr. Colin Bien

Founder & CEO

Colin is passionate about sustainable business models, transformation processes and impact. He founded two social businesses and has been a consultant for CSR and sustainability. He also talks about change and sustainability in his podcast.


Founder & CTO

Urs has over 20 years of experience in the digital world. As the founder of a tech startup and as a consultant for BI and Controlling, he brings entrepreneurial experience and technical expertise to the table. He has the ability to identify digital potential and implement solutions. He is the tech guy in the team.


Freelance developer

Jan has a passion for web applications and online marketing. In countless projects he has brought digital ideas to life, developed frontends and launched powerful applications. At our company, he applies this experience to the development of our tools.

Serhii Bohdan


Serhii has been a passionate developer for as long as he can remember. At WeShyft, he is particularly involved in building up the area of carbon accounting, but is also involved in all other topics and knows the system like the back of his hand.


Lead Developer


Senior Berater Nachhaltigkeit & Reporting

Marlon begeistert alles was mit Umwelt und Naturschutz zu tun hat. Er hat bereits ein nachhaltiges Unternehmen im Nahrungsmittelbereich aufgebaut und strebt nach zukunftsfähigen Lösungen mittels verantwortungsbewusstem Wirtschaften. Bei WeShyft bringt er seine Expertise im ESG-Bereich ein. Mit seinem fundierten Wissen begleitet er unsere Kunden und unsere Produktentwicklung insbesondere im Bereich Reporting.

Carla Marsland
Theresa Garrecht WeShyft
Carla Marsland
Carla marsland

Beraterin Nachhaltigkeit & Klimabilanzierung 

Carla ist eine echte Nachhaltigkeits-Enthusiastin. Nachdem sie ihren Master in Sustainability Economics and Management an der Uni Oldenburg abgeschlossen hat, ist sie jetzt bei WeShyft voll in ihrem Element. Sie betreut Projekte im Carbon Accounting und ist eine unserer Expert:innen für die ESRS. Mit ihrem  Verständnis für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften unterstützt sie unsere Kunden und unsere Produktentwicklung.

Carla Belau

ESG Werkstudentin

Nachdem Carla ihren Bachelor in Internationaler Betriebswirtschaft abgeschlossen hat, setzt sie nun ihr Studium im Master Sustainability Economics and Management an der Universität Oldenburg fort.  Als Teammitglied von WeShyft setzt sie sich u.a. mit den European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) auseinander und unterstützt dabei die Produktentwicklung und Kundenbetreuung.

Theresa Garrecht WeShyft
Theresa Garrecht

ESG Werkstudentin

Theresa studies Sustainability Economics and Management at the University of Oldenburg. Previously, she studied business administration. At WeShyft, Theresa is involved with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), among other things, and supports the supervision of client projects.

CHristianna Roth

ESG Werkstudentin

Christianna studiert Sustainability Economics and Management an der Universität Oldenburg. Zuvor hat sie ihren Bachelor in Sozialökonomik mit Schwerpunkt Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement absolviert. Bei WeShyft unterstützt Christianna in der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit sowie der Produktentwicklung und beschäftigt sich mit den European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). 

Berit Pippert

ESG Werkstudentin

Berit unterstützt das WeShyft-Team vor allem bei der Contenterstellung des Blogs, der Unternehmen als Ressource dient, um kompaktes Wissen über aktuell relevante ESG-Themen zu gewinnen. Zurzeit absolviert Berit den Master Sustainability Economics and Management an der Universität Oldenburg. Im Bachelor hat sie International Cultural and Business Studies studiert.

The WeShyft Advisory Board

Sonja Westphal - WeShyft Beirat
WeShyft Beirat - Sönke Burkert
Maya Hennerkes

ESG Expert @ Europäische Bank für Wiederaufbau und Entwicklung

Maya is a sustainable finance expert with nearly 20 years of experience. She is Director of Green Finance in the Climate Strategy and Implementation Department at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Previously, she led ESG work with financial institutions and private equity funds there. Former professional positions brought her to the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC, and Bloomberg L.P. in London. Maya holds an Executive Masters in Public Administration from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, and previously studied Economics, Political Science and Latin American Studies in Cologne, Seville and Granada.

Sonja Westphal - WeShyft Beirat
Sonja Westphal

Supply Chain Expert @ SUSTIFY

Sonja is an expert in sustainable supply chain management with over 10 years of experience. She founded the eLearning platform SUSTIFY, which offers low-threshold and intelligent learning opportunities for workers in Asian production sites. Sonja's mission is to support capacity building in these supply chains, ensuring that sustainability is not just a social buzzword, but a genuine concept that is understood and embraced at the core of global supply chains.

WeShyft Beirat - Sönke Burkert

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor 

Sönke founded his first digital agency at the age of 18, managing websites and CRM systems for small and medium-sized businesses. The agency was sold in 2009 to start Affiliprint, a voucher service provider, with which he became one of the winners of Europe's most endowed founder award in 2011 - Enable2Start from the Financial Times Deutschland. Today, Sönke is a managing partner of Hilfswerft gGmbH, which promotes social entrepreneurship and sustainable consumption in Germany through educational work. Sönke is also active as an investor, advising companies on the development of digital strategies and supporting early-stage founders. He is active as a volunteer in various non-profit initiatives.

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