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Finding indicators, talking to colleagues, collecting and evaluating data, and presenting the information concisely. Reporting can take a lot of time. But it doesn't have to, at least not with WeShyft. We automate data integration and analysis, simplify cooperation and communication with colleagues and offer all recognized standards.

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Publish reports

We offer you the possibility to download all indicators as reports in an automatically generated PDF or Word document. Your data is directly output in clear tables. Communicate to your stakeholders how you become part of the solution.

Easy collaboration

Writing a sustainability report is not an individual discipline, but a team sport and encompasses the entire company. With WeShyft, you can not only record numbers and values, but also write texts together and gather feedback. This way, even the qualitative data of a report is easily captured.

Recognized frameworks

Reports according to internationally recognized standards such as the German Sustainability Code or the Global Reporting Initiative. Choose the right standard, use our templates to capture all important information and automatically fulfill all requirements. This way you can create meaningful reports in no time at all. 

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